How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Mother and daughter folding a fitted sheet together

Few moments offer so much satisfaction over something so simple, but when we learn how to fold a fitted sheet properly, it’s as if we’ve unlocked some secret of the universe. Indeed, the art of the perfect fold is an elusive one, but a few straightforward tips can set us on the path to victory. Read on to learn a few expert tips on how to fold a fitted sheet, and then go spread the word.

Method 1: The Double Pocket

One popular method for folding a fitted sheet begins with two moves not typically associated with folding a top sheet: turning the corners inside out and tucking them into one another.

To master this method, start by holding up the top two corners of the fitted sheet — the ones that would be above your head to the left and right if you were lying down — with the elastic side facing away from you. Stretching out your arms, place your hands inside the two corners, turning the sheet inside out as you do, and point your fingers outward to create a right angle on each side. Bring the two corners together and tuck one neatly inside the other to make a pocket, making sure the inner seams touch.

Now, while holding the first two folded corners together, use your free hand to follow the edge of the sheet from the outside of the “pocket” to the bottom of the sheet, where the third and fourth corners should now be hanging close together. Place your hand inside the natural pocket that exists where the sheet meets itself, bring it up to the top pocket, and tuck it inside.

The semi-folded sheet should now have two straight edges and two gathered edges. Lay the sheet down on a flat surface and gently nudge the gathered edges inward to create a rectangular shape overall with four 90-degree corners. You’ll still be able to partially see the gathered edges, forming an arch that will disappear from view in a moment.

Finally, fold the rectangle in half two or three times, once along the short edge and once or twice along the long edge, as desired. Et voila: you now know how to fold a fitted sheet. 

Method 2: The Triple Pocket

This approach begins and ends the same way as the first, but includes an advanced middle step. Start by following the first step identically, creating a pocket up top and holding it in place with one hand. But next, instead of forming a second pocket and combining the two, you’ll be handling each of the remaining corners separately.

Holding the top pocket on one side with your arm outstretched, find the third corner with your free hand and tuck the pocket into it. Then, carefully make a final tuck into the fourth and last corner, flipping the gathered edge around itself and gently shaking out the rest of the sheet to avoid lumps.

This takes a certain level of finesse, so be patient — it may take a few tries to master. When the folded sheet forms a perfect rectangle, fold it two or three more times: once vertically and once horizontally. And now, you’ve reached the highest level of sheet folding know-how. Congratulations are in order: now it’s on to putting on a duvet cover!

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