How to Put a Duvet in a Duvet Cover

For those who crave the comfort of soft linens, plump pillows, and ultimate relaxation, nothing is as cozy as curling up under a fluffy duvet. If you’re looking to achieve a sense of hotel-level luxury at home and wondering how to put a duvet in its cover properly, look no further: it’s easier than you think. 

How to Put a Duvet in a Duvet Cover

Although a duvet may be sizeable, putting its cover on can still be a one-person job, taking a minute or less with five simple steps.

1. Standing beside an already-made bed with fitted and top sheets in place, set the duvet in front of you in a loose pile with the two corners of its shortest sides visible, and place the duvet cover just beyond it.

2. Reaching over the duvet, place your hands inside the top two corners of the duvet cover (one of the short sides) and turn it inside-out.

3. With your hands still inside the corners of the inside-out duvet cover, grab the two top corners of the duvet and make sure they’re snugly inside the cover’s corners.

4. Make a swift circular motion with your wrists to flip the cover over the end of the duvet, and then gather the rest inside.

5. Check all four corners to make sure nothing has crept toward the middle and adjust as necessary. Fasten the buttons or zipper and arrange the duvet across your bed, and ta-da! You’re through.

Perfection! You’re now an expert on how to put a duvet in a duvet cover. Up next: mastering the fine art of folding a fitted sheet.

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