Super blends for Your Journey: Marriott Hotels and This Works Amenities

This Works Collection

Soap has come a long way.

So have shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Gone are the days when these products could only clean or moisturize our hair and skin. And for that, we are grateful. Today, we can expect our skincare and bath products to do more for our bodies and minds, and to do it all sustainably. With this new world of skincare and bath products in mind, Marriott Hotels has introduced a new line of amenities in its hotels, provided by skincare solution company This Works.

“Each This Works product is formulated with a Superblend of naturally derived, scientifically proven ingredients at therapeutic levels, which are expertly blended and without the use of unnecessary chemicals, to work in harmony with the body clock to boost not only skin health and performance, but also overall well-being at every phase of the 24-hour day,” says Dr. Anna Persaud, This Works CEO. “We understand the needs of the busy Marriott guests and we are delighted to enhance their stay from morning to night.”

Since its launch in 2003, This Works has been renowned for its natural and clean formulations as well as the scientific process by which it develops its products. The process starts with an understanding of our skin’s body clock. The nature of our lives means that during our waking hours, we routinely expose our skin to pollution, toxins, UV and blue light and other stressors. Our skin has adapted with a protective mode that kicks in during the day and a repair mode at night. This Works used this information to create Superblends of elements that work in synergy with our body clock to maximize our skin’s performance throughout the entire 24-hour cycle.

Drawing inspiration from the body clock, This Works developed a collection of products ideal for Marriott Hotels’ traveling guests. Disruptions in sleep or jet lag can affect skin and the way it functions. So, This Works carefully curated the Marriott Hotels collection to repair, protect and restore body balance. In The Zone Shower Gel and Lotion revitalize body and mind and help restore balance with a natural blend of Eucalyptus and Petitgrain essential oils while the citrus, nutmeg and ginger essential oils of In Transit shampoo and conditioner invigorate and uplift while gently cleansing.

Perhaps one of the most useful, or, at least, most decadent, of the new This Works amenities in the Marriott Hotels guest room is the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Naturally tailored to our body clock’s night phase, the spray blends Lavender for its deeply relaxing and tension relieving properties with soothing Wild Chamomile and Vetivert known for stress relief and treating mental and physical exhaustion. That alone is enough to make any travel-weary guest reach for the spray before settling into bed. But This Works went a step further and supported an independent functional MRI brain scan study. Led by world-leading neuroscientist and medical doctor, Professor Gaby Badre, the study looked at specific areas of the brain that become active when exposed to the Deep Sleep blend versus a control fragrance. The results of the 30-person study showed that both Deep Sleep and the control fragrance activated regions of the brain linked with smell but only Deep Sleep activated areas associated with pleasure and calmness.  Guests who use the spray throughout their stay at Marriott Hotels can enjoy falling asleep faster and waking up feeling and looking more refreshed.

Not traveling any time soon? Luckily you don’t have to make your skin suffer until you’re back on the road. Browse the entire This Works collection for Marriott Hotels and bring the science of skincare into your home to repair, restore and protect your body’s balance every day.

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