Soft Sheets, Great Sleep: The Marriott Hotels Signature Sheet Set

Your Best Night's Sleep Starts Here

When it comes to getting the best night’s sleep, what is most important to you?

A survey by the National Sleep Foundation found that 85% of respondents rated comfortable bed sheets as important in getting a good night’s sleep. Our bed linens give us the first impressions of a bed as we slip into it and, at their best, control temperature and comfort all night long. But, often, we pluck a package of linens off the shelf at the store or click one into our online shopping cart without getting a true feel for what we’re buying.

How do you solve this, without opening every package of sheets to test for softness right there in the bedding aisle? Travel. Many hotel brands sell their linens so that you can recreate your travel experience at home. So, if you’ve experienced a great night of sleep on the road thanks to a set of sheets that felt like a dream, make those sheets your souvenir, as many guests at Marriott Hotels properties have already done.

Marriott Hotels designed a set of percale sheets made from a cotton blend for durability and incredible softness. Let’s break down how those details can make not only your hotel room but your bedroom feel like a sanctuary.

Hotel Signature Sheet Set

Percale refers to the over-under weaving method used to make the sheets and results in a crisp, soft and inviting texture, while the blend of cotton and polyester makes these sheets comfortable and durable. The fabric is strong enough to wash well and resist wrinkles while soft enough to make you feel as though you are on vacation every time you slip into bed. The result is an experience that not only soothes guests but that also stands up to tests conducted by the Good Housekeeping textiles experts.

While our guests frequently rave about how soft our sheets are, the magazine tasked its own testers who then named Marriott Hotels’ Signature Sheet Set the Best Hotel sheets, stating, “The percale weave fabric proved strong, had an excellent fit, and felt soft according to our testers. It also laundered well with only some wrinkles and hardly shrank in the wash.”

If you’ve ever stayed at a Marriott Hotels property, you already know that its sheets are among the softest you’ve ever felt. They perfectly blend a clean design with substance for a peaceful look and all-night comfort. It’s time to bring that dreamy experience into your home.

Marriott Guest Room
Marriott Guest Room
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