Sleep Sustainably: The Marriott Hotels Pillow

Your Best Night's Sleep Starts Here

Imagine catching sight of your bed after a long day of travel. You slip between the sheets, lay down with a deep breath and … what happens next is entirely dependent upon the pillow beneath your head.

Truth be told, few of us drift off as soon as we settle into bed and our pillows don’t shoulder all of the blame for our tossing and turning. But they might be causing a bit of restlessness and morning soreness. And, as we’re all paying more attention to how our favorite products are made and looking for sustainability in manufacturing processes, you might be losing sleep over where you rest your head. So, Marriott Hotels designed two eco-friendly pillows for use in its hotels and in your home that are sustainably made for a restful night of sleep.

Two different elements make The Marriott Pillow the best place you’ve ever rested your head, regardless of your style, shape and size preferences. The first is Lyocell. If you’ve never heard of the environmentally-sustainable fiber, it is a natural, yet man-made material made from wood cellulose. Manufacturing Lyocell produces no harmful byproducts and cultivation of trees for Lyocell does not require irrigation or pesticides. Elastic, breathable and comfortable, this biodegradable fiber is mixed with down to give The Marriott Pillow its strength and breathability.

Just as important as what goes inside your pillow is how your pillow is constructed. While a single pillow can still create the environment for a restful night of sleep, pillows with an inner chamber design bring comfort to a new level. The Marriott Pillow inner chamber is filled with feathers while the outer chamber is filled with a combination of down and Lyocell. The combination of materials and chambers lends a reliable firmness while helping the pillow retain its shape.

In addition to The Marriott Pillow, Marriott Hotels has also created a down alternative pillow. Eco-friendly, this pillow is made from recycled plastic bottles spun into soft, resilient polyester for a feather-free option. It supports side sleepers with a greater degree of firmness and offers an alternative for anyone with sensitivities to animal dander. Those seeking a feather-free room will find it meets all of their sleeping needs.

Regardless of which pillow you choose, a pillow protector will further enhance your sleeping hours by keeping your pillow clean and creating an additional level of support. Looking for an even firmer pillow experience? Buy a pillow protector that is one size smaller than your pillow. The smaller space will form your pillow into the perfect shape and distribution of filling for a great night of sleep. (Note: try the same trick with your duvet and select a cover that is one size too small.)

Ultimately, the type of pillow you use to nestle your head at night comes down to personal preference. Yet medium or firm, large or small, Marriott’s pillows have been thoughtfully designed to give you the best place to rest your head.

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