Ironing Tips: How to Keep Your Sheets Smooth

Ironing Board

Learn how to iron your sheets and make them softer than ever. 

For most people, ironing can be found only at the very bottom of their list of household chores they don’t mind doing. But for those of us who adore smooth, soft sheets, a good ironing session can mean the difference between “ooh” and “ahh.” Read on for a quick how-to.

How to Iron Bed Sheets

Sure, ironing your sheets may sound like a particularly fussy thing to do, but if you’re a soft-sheet connoisseur, you know the difference it can make, and if you’re hosting guests in your home, going the extra mile can leave a wonderful impression.

While ironing a fitted sheet may sound even less fun than folding one, take heart: you don’t have to iron it at all. Since a fitted sheet works out its own wrinkles simply by being placed on a bed and stretched to fit, all you have to concern yourself with is the top sheet, which is an easier task than you might think.

The fantastic thing about ironing a top sheet is that it’s a simple rectangle with no tricky seams, pleats, or darts to worry about. And since the most effective way to iron a flat sheet is to fold it crosswise into quarters and iron all four layers at once, it takes one-fourth the time you might expect.

Begin by turning a steam iron to its cotton setting on the higher end of the temperature range (or to the setting most appropriate for the material your sheets are made of). Add water as needed and set the iron aside while it heats up.

On a well-padded ironing board, fold your top sheet crosswise into four layers and lay flat. Working in sections, use your steam iron to smooth out the sheet one square foot or so at a time from one end to the other. And that’s it! It’s that simple.

Bringing Hotel-Level Comfort Back Home

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