Experience a Simple Escape with Warm Hospitality

It all began at a farm.

In 1951, J.W. and Alice Marriott fell in love with the Fairfield Farm. Breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, the gentle flow of the Rappahannock River, and the natural sights and sounds reminded J.W. of his childhood back in Utah. Together, J.W. and Alice bought the property and restored the historic buildings and grounds to create a place where they could step away from their growing business, escape the city and simply be together with family in a beautiful place with a picturesque landscape. The farm became a restorative haven representing simplicity, balance and a comfortable way of life and the family still visits today with fond memories of J.W. and Alice.

LEFT: JW Marriott Sr. and Alice at Fairfield Farm RIGHT: The Fairfield Farm
LEFT: JW Marriott Sr. and Alice at Fairfield Farm RIGHT: The Fairfield Farm

One of my favorite things about going there was it was away from the city and so quiet. I just loved the peace that was out there.

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Debbie Marriott Harrison

Of course, it should come as no surprise that the Fairfield Farm soon became a place that welcomed more than family. Natural hosts, J.W. and Alice Marriott opened their doors to friends, associates, dignitaries and more, honing and perfecting their trademark warm hospitality with each visit.

Hosting guests at the Marriott family’s Fairfield Farm, and seeing first-hand the effect that warm hospitality could have on their guests, inspired J.W. to open the first Fairfield hotel in 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia. More than 30 years later, guests experience the traditions and heritage established by J.W. and Alice Marriott at the Fairfield Farm every day. The Fairfield service philosophy is built on making sure that every guest’s stay is just right. Because just like the Marriott family at the Fairfield Farm, Fairfield wants guests to have a simple, straightforward, and stress-free experience every time they stay.

Guests can also bring the simplicity and comfort of their Fairfield stay home with the Fairfield Bedding Set, featuring the signature Fairfield Ripple Coverlet. The Frames Throw Pillows that add style to the Fairfield bed can be mixed and matched at home with the Cowhide Throw Pillow that catches guests’ eyes in the lobby, made of exclusively for Fairfield with genuine brown cowhide by an experienced tannery in Brazil. And, of course, few things capture the essence of the warmth and comfort of the Fairfield heritage than the Hygge Throw. No matter where you live, each blanket, sheet, pillow and throw will bring a bit of the serene Fairfield simplicity into your home.

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