Everything You Need for Hosting: Courtyard’s Bistro Collection

Courtyard's Bistro Collection

Good food. Good drinks. Good company. And a comfortable space to enjoy it all.

When you get right down to it, that’s all we really want. Whether we’re eating out or dining in, hosting a dinner party or gathering our family around the table, we want an experience with flavor, comfort and a little something we’ve never had before. If we had these three things in every dining experience, we might just be happier humans. Thankfully, Courtyard is doing more than its fair share with the Bistro.

In March of 2018, Courtyard launched the Bistro in more than 900 hotels throughout the United States, making it one of the 50 biggest restaurant chains in America. A consistent menu across all locations offers classic favorites with a twist, shareable plates made with fresh ingredients and hand-crafted cocktails, perfect to savor with friends, co-workers or fellow guests in the Bistro or in Courtyard’s communal lobby space. “Every season we’ll have a new flatbread and new seasonal margarita,” says Nielsen. The result is the perfect place for guests who enjoy visiting new places, experiencing new spaces and meeting new people while traveling.

It’s a space that has the food, the beverage, and those things that make me want to hang out, to linger, to spend time, and meet new people.

5 Star Review

Callette Nielsen, Vice President and Global Brand Leader of Courtyard’s Bistro

Thankfully, Courtyard has made it possible to recreate this experience at home. Browse the Bistro collection at Shop Courtyard for the Bistro dinner plates and salad plates, cereal bowls and fruit bowls, not to mention wine glasses. Add classic style to your table with Bistro serving boards, ramekins and bakers. And do it all in style with the signature apron. Everything you need to make serving fun, gatherings comfortable and meals stylish is here. All that’s missing are the skillet meatballs and black cherry old fashioned—you’ll have to make those yourself.

Courtyard by Marriott Bistro Bar
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