Celebrate ICE! This Holiday Season

2017 Gaylord Hotels ICE! Christmas Story Attraction

Every October, a team of 120 ice carvers depart China and spread out across the United States to Orlando, Nashville, Denver, Dallas and Washington DC. Within days of their arrivals, refrigerated tractor trailers will begin to roll in. There will be 36 trucks in total and it will take them three weeks to deliver the two-million pounds of ice required for the ice carvers to do their jobs. Then, one magical day in early November, their work will be done and thousands of holiday revelers will pour—or, rather, slide—in to experience and celebrate ICE! at the Gaylord Hotels resort of their choice.

For 16 years, the Gaylord Hotels has hosted this stunning and, at a frosty 9 degrees Fahrenheit, cool attraction at its hotels throughout the United States. The tradition reflects back on ancient Chinese tradition as head carver, Xi Rui, explains, “Since ancient times, to celebrate winter’s arrival, the Harbin people would pour out the water-ice from a bucket; take it outside, put a candle in the hollow core, and let a flame shine through the crystal-clear ice.”

2018 Gaylord Hotels ICE! People tubing down ice slides

Exploring a variety of interactive holiday scenes and two-story ICE slides, Gaylord Hotels’ interpretation of this winter celebration puts a modern and family-friendly spin on this time-honored tradition and celebration of one of winter’s greatest wonder. “

The reason we love ice sculpting is that ice, a crystal-clear material, when exquisitely carved, its visual effect is incomparable to anything else,” says Rui, “In the sunshine, it shines like valuable diamonds capturing the imagination of guests.”

Guests who want to bring that incomparable effect into their homes to capture the imagination of their own guests this holiday season, can make a bit of the ICE! experience their own. The ICE! Globe LED ornament rotates a glow of red, green, blue and yellow inside a glass globe while the ICE! Scenic LED Ornament is lighted from inside and features a polar bear and penguin to help you relive your ICE! Memories.

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