Global Explorers: The Luxury Collection x Mercedes Salazar

Mercedes Salazar Inspired by Mexico

Presenting a beautiful collection of jewelry and accessories inspired by Mexico and created by designer Mercedes Salazar in partnership with The Luxury Collection.

Finding it impossible not to be inspired while spending time in The Luxury Collection’s properties across Mexico, designer Mercedes Salazar teamed up with The Luxury Collection to produce a capsule collection of earrings and accessories in homage to a country dear to her heart. Celebrating the beauty of the country’s land and lore, the Mexico Lindo capsule collection is now available for purchase through The Luxury Collection’s online store.

The Palette and Spirit of Mexico

“Mexico has been in my heart before I was born,” Salazar says. “The land, the flavors, the color of the flowers, the magic of the gardens, the legends, the unique way of transforming materials into objects that tell stories, the spiciness, the mezcal… everything here connects me with a part of myself that brings me joy.”

That joy is evident in Salazar’s designs, which exalt the beauty of the country and its culture. As a Global Explorer for The Luxury Collection, Salazar is joined by fellow world travelers searching for quintessential travel experiences that highlight the true culture of each destination they select around the globe.

Whether taking photographs, creating collectibles from their travels, or sharing insights through other media, Global Explorers engage in visual storytelling that showcases what makes each destination unique. Representing a broad cross section of creative endeavors, Global Explorers are united by their fluency in world cultures.

As a tribute to the designer’s journey through Mexico, where she experienced three destinations through the lens of a quartet of The Luxury Collection’s unique hotels and resorts — Solaz Resort in Los Cabos, Hacienda Temozon and Hacienda Santa Rosa in the Yucatan, and Las Alcobas in Mexico City — the collection encompasses two pairs of earrings, a stylish straw hat, and a cross-body bag, each incorporating the palette and spirit of the land itself.

Mercedes Salazar X The Luxury Collection

Mercedes Salazar designing Pajaritos en Cactus Earrings

The first pair of earrings, Pajaritos en Cactus, feature two baby birds of the Yucatan perched atop a Cardón cactus highlighted with a cluster of artisanal resin flowers, colorful tassels and adorned with sparkling crystals. Handcrafted with gold-plated bronze, the clip-on earrings are inspired by Salazar’s time spent at Hacienda Temozon in Temozon Sur.

Crafted from gold-plated wire with intricate thread work, Pajaro de Yucatan completes the duo of earring designs, reflecting the indigenous birds of the Yucatan. These gold-plated bronze clip-ons are inspired by the techniques of local artisans in the region and Salazar’s stay at Hacienda Santa Rosa in Santa Rosa.

Before stepping into the sun, it’s both wise and stylish to accessorize with Salazar’s hand-woven straw hat created exclusively for The Luxury Collection: Sombrero Llama. Its timeless style is accentuated with an exquisite hatband, hand-embroidered with red exotic birds from the needlework of Aztec women in the Yucatan.

A beautiful straw cross-body bag, Cartera Pava Rojo, completes the collection, inspired by the bustling markets of Mexico City. The distinct heritage of the local culture is intricately woven into this meticulously-crafted piece, featuring a bird and tassel design on the front.

Each piece in the collection is designed by Mercedes Salazar and handmade by master artisans in Colombia and Mexico. All are available in The Luxury Collection Store.

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