Luxury Is A Set Of Beautiful Bed Linens: Todd-Avery Lenahan And JW Marriott

Few images paint a more perfect image of luxury than a well-made bed draped in white linens. But in his best-selling collections for JW Marriott, international luxury hotel and resort designer Todd-Avery Lenahan, Founder and Principal of award-winning TAL Studio, increased the elegance of this classic look.

The JW Marriott Linens

Known as one of the hospitality design industry’s most progressive thought leaders, Lenahan and his team at TAL-Studio create destinations for the world’s leading luxury hotel brands. His unique breadth and depth in hospitality consulting, design and architecture has given Lenahan valuable perspective on what luxury means and how best to incorporate it into a guest’s experience. “It’s important to respect the guest at every level, developing concepts that are intelligent, enduring and executed with care and precision,” says Lenahan.

Todd Avery Lenahan

I have always believed that luxury is having what comforts and pleases you without having to ask for it

5 Star Review

International luxury hotel and resort designer Todd-Avery Lenahan, Founder and Principal of award-winning TAL Studio

Lenahan brought this commitment and respect to three JW Marriott Linen collections. Each collection enhances white bed linens with a white-on-white pattern that transforms the experience of sinking into bed. The collections draw inspiration from nature. “It was my intent to offer a visual and tactile sense of serenity as part of a restorative sleep experience by enveloping guests with earth elements that are abundant, essential, and artistically poetic yet that must be protected – the designs are metaphors for the symbiotic relationship we have with earth’s elements and how if we care for and protect them, they’ll do the same for us…even while we’re sleeping,” says Lenahan.

Geo Bed & Bedding Set

Each of the collections represents a different connection to the earth. Geo creates a dreamy landscape by reimagining the concentric rings revealed in end-cut timber. Pisces introduces subtle, soothing patterns inspired by the natural aquatic beauty and shimmer of a fish gliding through water. Dunes Flat Sheet imagines the sleek appearance of wind-blown sand dunes. Each collection embraces an abstraction of natural shapes and forms to create a luxurious dreamscape, enhance sleep and continue the connection to nature that the JW guest experiences throughout their stay. “The universality of nature and it’s artistry is incorporated into each of JW Marriott’s properties across the globe and the constant connection to earth, sea, and sky as powerfully grounding elements that even when discovered in subtle details, are appealing and reassuring to the JW guest on any continent and among any culture,” says Lenahan.

The designs honor JW guests’ passions for connecting to nature and caring for the Earth in a sublime sleep experience.

Each of the collections is available for purchase so you can bring the bliss of your hotel stay into your home.

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