Expecting the Unexpected: “Discover This Way”

Every trip can be a tale with a stay at Renaissance Hotels, with a new “Discover This Way” campaign that encourages guests to discover local hidden gems and neighborhood haunts.

Whether traveling for a business trip, family visit, or much-needed getaway, a host of discoveries await just around the corner in every destination. For those who wouldn’t mind some expert guidance as they decide which direction to explore, every Renaissance hotel around the globe provides guests with access to on-property Navigators. The Navigator is Renaissance Hotels’ twist on a traditional hotel concierge, offering guests personalized recommendations for discovering hidden neighborhood gems that aren’t necessarily listed in local guidebooks. 

Pershing Square
Pershing Square

The pulse of a place

Every year, Renaissance Hotels around the world host a Global Day of Discovery event, which invites hotel guests and neighborhood locals to take part in an engaging celebration that brings the neighborhood to life. Global Day of Discovery 2019 was particularly special, as it marked the launch of Renaissance Hotels’ new global advertising campaign, “Discover This Way,” focusing on the idea that Renaissance Hotels opens up avenues of exploration for every guest who wishes to experience the area they’re visiting in an authentic way. From business travelers with just one free evening to families, couples, travel buddies, and solo adventurers with several days to fill, the Discover This Way campaign invites all travelers to discover the unexpected and the true DNA of a neighborhood while they travel.

Discover This Way taps into what makes each city, town, and neighborhood precisely what it is, taking its flavors, influences, behaviors, and customs into account as it introduces guests to the wonders of each place. Through the participation of local partners, travelers are given a glimpse into Renaissance Hotels’ storied neighborhoods, highlighting the style, eats, and beats of each destination.

Enriching Encounters


To mark the launch of the Discover This Way campaign in Paris, all six Renaissance properties in the City of Light invited guests to follow footsteps leading to a secret room within a neighborhood cafe, revealing an interactive local art gallery where nothing was as it seemed. In Bangkok, neon night markets and stunning street art beckoned visitors to immerse themselves in the Ratchaprasong district. Travelers in downtown Dubai crossed the canal to the city’s blossoming arts district in the industrial area of Al Quoz, enveloped by the scent of spices as they were welcomed into a variety of experiences showcasing the district’s distinct blend of global cultures.

In Sao Paolo, guests ventured out to uncover the colors, stories, and soul of symbolic buildings, unexpected art, and musical encounters. A beautiful Fernando Brandao-designed bookstore and a local indie cinema featuring hard-to-find Brazilian productions welcomed guests to experience the talent of the country’s dreamers, doers, and makers. In 2020 and beyond, some of Renaissance Hotels’ most passionate future neighbors in Harlem will give travelers a glimpse into the iconic neighborhood’s past and present, recalling the vibrant sights and sounds of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and ‘30s as well as celebrating the Harlem of today.

Curiosity, Rewarded

Guests of Renaissance Hotels may wish to plan their adventures in advance or make spontaneous decisions as they explore their surroundings. Discover This Way serves both types of travelers, from careful experience curators to impetuous explorers, all of whom share one thing in common: curiosity. A fresh roster of local goings-on can be previewed through a calendar of hotel happenings updated regularly to reflect upcoming local cuisine tastings, live music experiences, exclusive DJ sets, and more.

Collect Renaissance Curations
Collect Renaissance Curations

For those who wish to take home a stylish memento with all the design-minded whimsicality of the discoveries they’ve made, the hand-selected Discoveries series available through Collect Renaissance offers exactly that. From the warm, chunky Hygge Knit Throw blanket reminding travelers of cozy winter destinations to the colorful Cocoon Hammock by Patricia Urquiola — just like those found at the Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua — a tangible piece of each place can stay with guests long after they depart. Each unique Discoveries piece is meant to inspire guests’ personal spaces and incorporate an element of the unexpected into their lives. 

Ready to make some discoveries of your own? Book your next stay with Renaissance Hotels and come ready to step into a local frame of mind, or collect your favorite findings through Collect Renaissance’s Discoveries line.

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